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About Us

PixShaker  ’S STORY

PixShaker ’S BRAND was established in 2014 by the renown Fine Art Photographer Michael van Emde Boas.  The notorious Amsterdam Based Photographer one day came up with the phrase “I shake pixels”, “That’s what I daily do”. in this fast growing digital photography industry. Basically we all are pixels shakers.  Unlike many, his ‘pixel shaking’ stands out in creativity and uniqueness.

Fascinated by the concept of movement, Michael’s work always starts with a question followed by an idea and a concept to be worked out in a well prepared and sophisticated studio environment. Michael’s work intend to capture movement, focussing on what normally remains unseen.

While in the creative process of his photography, Michael realised that some of his shots are really good for the creation of ….


A DOZEN DOZEN /12x12 limited editions

All items are limited produced in series of 144. A dozen dozen. This make your item really unique and special. When a serie is sold out, no more items will be made. New designs will be added on a regular base.


PixShaker offers small you collections of high fashionable luxury goods.  For both woman and man. Age does not matter. The brand focus on affordable high quality items that are selected by Michael himself and his team.

Why Choose PixShaker  
- Limited Editions

- Unique
- Fashionable Luxury goods
- High Quality
- A small pampering that make you feel realy good





We are not drop shippers. Far from that! This enable us to keep our prises competitive unlike we have unique items. Mass production and mass sales are not our first priority and Honestly we try to spend aa less as possible on advertising.


Our product’s get your attention trough social media and  from there we might target you.

In in between we adore you you think of us as much as possible. Show you purchases and share the with your friends.


Please keep in mind there are ONLY 12x12 items of each available. Now and in the future. This does like a lot but we urge you to decide. After the product totally sold out it’s history and  your feel free to pick an other one.


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